Custom Real Estate IDX Solutions

Plans available for brokers and agents​

Broker IDX

Broker Agent Solutions
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  • Core Template
  • Full support
  • Other services required

Agent IDX

Semi Custom Agent
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  • Custom template
  • Full support
  • Other services required
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Custom IDX Features
$ 10,000 minumum
  • Custom solution
  • Premium Support
  • Other services required

How do I get started and what type of website do I need ?


Each real estate agent or broker has different needs. Some are just starting out in the business while others have been selling real estate for 20 + years and have already invested heavily in technology. Its important to know your objectives before you start building a real estate website. 

What are your objectives ?

  • Generate leads (Premium IDX or Core IDX)
  • Just have a website to allow clients to search real estate (Core IDX) 
  • Provide a real estate service to other agents (Custom IDX Solutions)

The beauty behind our products is that you can start with the core IDX and end up with a custom real estate portal.  If you are not sure where to start do not worry you can always upgrade via custom development .


The premium and core IDX have identical features. See Features The biggest difference is the layout and style of the website.

The core IDX is a starting point and is similar to services that many other IDX companies sell. See Samples Its a less expensive option but the branding on the site is limited.  Again you can always decide to build a custom layout at anytime.

Premium IDX allows you to build a custom front page and theme for your IDX. This allows greater control over your brand. We can build your brand into a template engine like Yoothemes or we can use our core optimized galtlinedesign theme.


Paid Services

Galtlinedesign uses Send Grid to send all real estate related emails. Send Grid offers one of the most effective email services available. In addition you are able to customize your email templates by using the Send Grid editor. Clients are responsible for creating an account on Send Grid.  This is a mandatory service and costs around 9.99 per month.

Galtlinedesign uses Xverify to validate all registration information. This is not a mandatory service but is a highly recommended service.  This drastically saves you time sifting through fake email and phone number leads. This service starts at $5.00 per month.

Other free API requests that are required

  • Google Geocode API key
  • Great Schools API key
  • Walkscore API key

Marketing is an optional service however we cannot stress the importance of this service. Whether you are just starting out in real estate or you are a seasoned real estate agent marketing is a must. Lead generation is the number 1 objective of a real estate website and without makreting its going to be very difficult to drive traffic to your site.  There are so many different marketing options but it is important to at least have a basic Pay Per Click campaign running. 

Please contact us about marketing services.


This is where Galtlinedesign pulls away from the competition. Our core product was designed and built from the ground up to be customized in any fashion. Whether you want a unique IDX experience, or integrate your site with various API services we can get it done. This is important feature that allows you to build what you want when you want and you are never held hostage by an IDX company waiting for new features. 

  • API integrations
  • Custom call to actions
  • Real estate portal ( multiple MLS feeds)
  • Custom graphs and statistics
  • Investment related calculations
  • Custom IDX features for your niche market

Frequently Asked Questions

Galtlinedesign takes advantage of third party services to keep costs down and to provide the best possible options. In addition to the package costs above each Website will need the following third party services

*SendGrid – Mandatory – Est 9.99 per month

Optional Services:

XVerify – Optional Service but highly recommended

Followupboss – Full interated CRM

Yes you will be required to sign a contract however you may cancel your service at anytime. 

Galtlinedesign offers exclusive territories please call to find out more information. 

Galtlinedesign owns all of the code. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to provide services to our clients. Owning code involves maintaining and updating constantly. There is no reason for an agent, broker or even a start up company to own their own code. Galtlinedesign has been providing services for clients for over 13 years. Stick to real estate and let Galtlinedesign handle the technology.