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Real Estate IDX Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimzation ir crucial to lead generation

IDX Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to a successful real estate website and is a must for lead generation. We have seen many agents invest thousands into an IDX system that is never found by real estate buyers and sellers. It is imperative that real estate agents utilize some type of marketing in order to achieve success. Real estate is one of the hardest vertical markets to compete in as the real estate industry adapts online. As content is optimized and link building is deployed an agent can expect to see huge increases in traffic. The key behind SEO is consistency and longevity. Start with a comfortable budget and slowly build over time. Galtlinedesign will help mold a SEO strategy that works for you. Each client has different needs with past experiences and it is important to tailor a strategy that will work over years and not months.

Organic Placement

Google uses dozens of onsite factors to determine who is ranked first and who is ranking last.  Onsite optimization involves looking at things such as meta tags, title tags, content, keywords, image tags and markup.  We will review your site and make sure your content is optimized.  Simply optimizing content can drive your website up a few spots. 


PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click is a great way to drive traffic to your site overnight. Many IDX companies rely on PPC as the sole marketing for agents site. We believe a combination or split of about 60% (Organic) 40% (PPC) can bring great success to a clients online presence.  Google Adwords, Bing Ads, PPC Audits, Remarketing Services, Social advertising. 

Holistic SEO

Analyze your site to find its strengths and vulnerabilities is key to a successful SEO Strategy. 

Site Structure

Analyzing your sites structure is key in making sure that data will flow logically to the user and indexing engines


Content is king when it comes to SEO. Making sure your content is organized properly is key to achieving good organic position. 

External Link Factors

Link equity, social signals and various other indicators are important when analyzing your sites external links.

Monitor the results

Monitoring your sites progress is key in dialing in for those high ranked keywords. 

Social Media

Building a social media campaign relies alot on conversion and not just likes and comments. Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

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