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Custom Real Estate IDX

Galtlinedesign provides one of the most robust real estate IDX systems on the market. Future proof your real estate website today by integrating a custom IDX into your Wordpress site.

Galtlinedesign - Future Proof Your IDX

Galtlinedesign is the premiere real estate IDX development company servicing real estate agents and brokers nationwide. With over 10 years of real estate experience and over 22 years working in information technology Galtlinedesign provides cutting edge technology and feature rich custom IDX solutions that allow real estate professionals to dominate their local market. The key to a successful real estate website relies on building a competitive advantage via custom IDX features and sustaining a long term online presence on a single platform. One of the problems with current real estate websites is their inability to grow with the market. Real estate professionals find themselves jumping from IDX to IDX chasing features but never being able to find “THE DO IT ALL IDX”. Galtlinedesign's IDX system was built from the ground up to provide any level of customization. Built natively for both Wordpress each IDX system can be modified to fit the real estate professional’s needs. Add custom features any time and plug and play thousands of open source add-ons. By investing in a supported open source IDX system a real estate agent can leverage one IDX system that can last for decades. In addition long term SEO campaigns can be managed over years giving a real estate professional incredible online exposure. If your company is looking to build a unique online user experience then please contact us today. Galtlinedesign can show you how a future proof IDX can drive your business to the top.

Sample Sites

    What options are available for me as a real estate agent or broker ?

    Wordrpress IDX

    Keep it simple ! WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market. Standardize on a system everyone knows.

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    Custom Real Estate IDX

    Build custom features when you are ready. Robust IDX framework that allows flexibility not found in most IDX systems.

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    Lead Generation IDX

    Supported full Interaction for FollowupBoss. Pick the CMS that works for you. Simple and full interactions available. 

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    Galtlinedesign provides the tools you need to be successful with your online presence.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Control various SEO IDX options to get an edge on the competition

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    Custom IDX Data

    Create custom content and utilize RETS data fields. Get a content advantage

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    IDX Lead Generation

    Core IDX built from the standards in the industry. Proven work flow for optimal lead generation.

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    Custom IDX

    Indexable IDX

    Generate property listings at the domain level and index thousands of listings in all leading search engines.

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    Best Buy Alert

    Bring your best buy pitch book to the internet easily by flagging and commenting on best buy properties. 

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    Featured Listings

    Generate featured property pages with ease and display and advertise your clients listings on your home page

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    Convert home buyers with IDX tools

    Tools that help buyers locate and purchase their dream home

    Galtlinedesign builds the tools that get results. Convert more leads by providing the correct information at the right time. Have special features that you want built? No worries we have you covered. Galtlinedesigne has designed its Wordpress IDX Platform to allow any level of customization. Whether it’s simple icon change, a new theme or a complex feature Galtlinedesign can handle it all.

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