Indexable IDX Real Estate Websites

Search engine optimization relies on content being indexed in search engines. These content pages create back links to your site and boost your overall SEO strategy. If the content page is optimized for a specific keyword or words you have a better chance of being found for those keywords. Indexable IDX or Indexable properties is a way of optimizing each property details page.  The process includes on page factors such as H1 tags, alt tags, custom meta data including – custom title tags, keywords, description, and SEF URLS. By creating these highly targeted property pages it is possible to get many MLS listings indexed in search engines.  As a result a webs sites property pages may be served up on page 1 for MLS number or address searches

Does Indexable IDX work ?

Indexable dynamic generated pages is not a new technique. E-commerce companies have been using it for decades to get product pages indexed in search engines. In the real estate industry it has been used for many years as well , and currently it is one of the hottest trends circulating. The bottom line indexable IDX pages work and can generate many leads.  However don’t expect to be listed on page 1.  Keep in mind a SEO marketing strategy must be in place to have overall success. Building relevance and page rank is still very important.

Indexable properties should be a small part of a SEO strategy and shouldn’t be the strategy. Many agents rush out to buy an indexable IDX hoping for a miracle. The key behind having a successful real estate website is having a balanced approach. Integrating a feature rich IDX system along side a long term SEO campaign.

Indexable IDX Integration

An Indexable IDX system can generate hundreds of leads without much effort. When done properly Google sees your site as generating the details pages over an IDX provider. With decent amount of authority an agent can expect hundreds of leads via MLS # and address searches via Google and other leading search engines.

Indexable IDX Features

Optimize for address and MLS ID searches

Custom calculations for investors and home buyers

Integrating an Indexable IDX can provide you with thousands of real estate IDX pages

  • Increase traffic by building community pages
  • Increase traffic by optimizing for address and ListingID pages
  • Increase thousands of quality detail pages

Create highly optimized details pages for excellent SEO indexing.

  • Adjust SEF Structure
  • Control all meta data and image tags for indexing
  • Create dynamic content to add unique content to your site