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Custom IDX Real Estate Websites

Custom build real estate idx features into your real estate website

Custom IDX Real Estate Websites

Galtlinedesign offers its core system as a starting point. For many real estate agents who are just starting out in the business the starting platform is outstanding. The agent can move at their own pace and if they decide they want a custom theme or custom features Galtlinedesign can start building right from the core system . For other seasoned agents they might want to start day 1 with a custom IDX. It doesn't matter when you decide to go custom we can build right from the core system. 

Welcome to the world of Custom IDX Solutions

Galtlinedesign’s core system was built via cutting edge technologies that allows rapid development and huge amount of flexibility. The only limitations you may have are possible MLS rules and regulations and your budget. 

Why would I want to build a custom IDX solution ? 

The top agents around the country have special requirements. Many times they identify competitive advantage that they could use to jump the local competition.. These type of agents demand the very best in design and performance. A unique IDX many times will dominate a market place. 

Below are a few types of projects that we custom built for our clients:

  • Build custom IDX features that are not fount anywhere in the market. (NDA may be needed)
  • Custom themes with unique style and icons
  • Building custom RETS feeds for Brokers and Investors.
  • Creating portal real estate IDX systems that combine various MLS feed data.
  • Custom calculations and graphs for analytic purposes.
  • Custom bridge-ware to combine various in house procedures including variable data print marketing and call centers.
  • Custom back-end data crunching and mining for bank sell-offs and rental investing

Galtlinedesign has taken on some incredibly challenging projects over the years which have honed our skills to provide custom systems in a timely matter. If you are interested in building a custom IDX please contact us today.

Custom IDX Integration

Looking to build a portal or large MLS feeds website. Galtlinedesign can build you a managed system that can run with just about anyone. Bring your ideas to life with a custom real estate IDX system.

Custom IDX Features

Custom Graphs and Charts

Custom graphs and charts are a great way to build a competitive advantage. We have various clients that combine custom algorithms to provide interesting buying trends. These statistics are a great way to show your knowledge in real estate.

  • Investor Speculation
  • Identifying high rental markets
  • Studying home buying and selling trends

Integrate various MLS Feeds into one real estate portal

Many brokers want the ability to cover large markets. Many are virtual brokers looking to generate and sell leads to other broker offices. Galtlinedesign has a full process of handling multiple feeds for a given client.

  • Standarized Multiple IDX Feeds into Strcutred Data
  • Optimize DB for Qick search results and indexing
  • Update data every 15 minutes across various MLS feeds

Build custom Google mapping features

Advanced mapping systems are the standard in real estate IDX. Our core advanced mapping system is built behind industry standards. Build custom features and style your own mapping system the way you want it.

  • Integration with various API’s
  • Similar resale and rental properties
  • Geo-location features

Bridge all call to actions into your own CRM system

CRM ( Customer relationship management ) can be a very important tool to help manage and service leads.  Integrate all call to actions into any third party CRM system.  In addition custom CRM process can be built to handle various business needs.

  • Integrate leads from 1 or various websites into a single CRM system
  • Integrate call to actions into your CRM
  • Top Producer and Followup Boss Available

Build reports to enhance your internal business processes

Galtlinedesign has built various reports to help agents in their business. Reports include cross referencing data in the MLS feeds with outside sources in order to target listing prospects and much much more.

  • On demand PDF generation of graphs and reports
  • Back-end reporting for lead generation and expired / listing prospects
  • Report files for SEO and Marketing analysis

Custom calculations for investors and home buyers

If you are an investor please contact us as we offer an array of investor calculations ready to be displayed on your website. In addition we have the ability to take your calculations and transform them on to the web. Update calculations in real time

  • Investor calculations and broker back end statistics
  • Rental and Resale computations
  • License our set of calculations for investors and flip opportunities

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