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Galtlinedesign was started with the idea of creating unique real estate websites with features that would help attract buyers and sellers. The ideas of design and implementation started while the president of Galtlinedesign was selling real estate for a company in Yorba Linda, California. He noticed that many development companies were selling template based designs and agents were unhappy with their websites. Literally every agent had the same site design with the same content and changes to the layout seemed expensive and almost impossible to achieve. There was no insight from these companies in helping the agent achieve internet success. Hence the need for a company that could educate real estate agents of growing technology trends and the ability for them to take part in building a custom designed web site that would be as unique as the agents domain name. Galtlinedesign prides itself  in agent interaction when creating these unique websites. Understanding the customers needs and skills is the key to building solutions that work. Too many development companies try to push solutions on agents that simple to do not work for the client.

Why Choose GaltLineDesign as your real estate web developer? GaltLinedesign is unique among real estate developers because our core system is based on several open source projects. Open source is the concept where by the code of the application is open for each programmer. This gives development companies the ability to build systems on secure, well developed platforms without having to reinvent the wheel. Open source architecture is becoming the future of information technology, and several fortune 500 companies are using open source to build powerful websites. By using such an architecture and developing within the open source community Galtlinedesign is able to rapidly deploy new functionality for a fraction of the time and cost. This is an extreme value to you as a customer!

Galtlinedesign believes there are two key components for a website to be successful, content and marketing. Without having both key elements you will not be able to achieve a successful online presence. There are too many agents and brokers who are not providing the correct content for lead capture nor do they have a plan for getting the buyers and sellers to their website. Essentially many agents have websites that do absolutely nothing for their business. Information technology is very similar to real estate in that it changes everyday. It is imperative that you choose a development company that is able to offer the right tools for the right time, much like in selling you have to have the right message at the right time. Galtlinedesign is offering a lifetime support product that will lead agents and brokers into the future. It is important that agents and brokers spend their time selling real estate, and not trying to figure out how to build a website.  Let us handle the technology!  We encourage agents and brokers to research before choosing a company. Just remember when the time comes you are not just choosing a web development company but a partner that should lead you to success in the ever changing world of information technology.

Many agents are asking why is open source the best solution ? The answer is simple, with thousands of plugins ( code already written to do a specific task) available to the client implementing new functionality is easier than ever!  The majority of the IDX solutions on the market are proprietary, you are held hostage by these companies hoping they fix certain features or add them. At Galtlinedesign your system is your own, and you are able to grow in any direction.  Your system is virtually future proof.

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