The debate has been raging for many years over the best CMS.  Try Googling WordPress Vs Joomla and you will find pages of articles about how each CMS is the best.  Galtlinedesign has been building real estate websites for many years and has built many systems not only on Joomla and WordPress but also on Drupal. All 3  CMS are outstanding and depending on your goals one might be better suited to fit your real estate needs.

Drupal Joomla and WordPress Real Estate IDX:


drupal idx

  • Drupal first released in 2001 is by far one of the best built CMS on the market.  Depending on the type of developer that you are working with it can be a very difficult learning curve.  However the scalability of this CMS is simply unmatched. Drupal  is used best in custom CMS systems where uniqueness is a key factor.  We have seen custom built Drupal sites that do not resemble a typical Drupal install.  Sophistication at its finest excellent code base and outstanding development community.
  • One of the drawback to Drupal is the admin is complex. Once you get your head wrapped around it its a piece of cake but the learning curve can be steep for some users.
  • 15 Million Downloads – Popularity
  • Out of the box Drupal is the less CPU intensive and pages load faster without modifications.
  • Excellent stability and scalability. Drupal systems can run website with hundreds of thousands of pages effortlessly.


  •  Simplicity at its best !  This is by far the most widely used CMS in the world . Why you might ask ? WordPress is one of the best blog platforms on the planet. Galtlinedesign has built Wordpress IDXhundreds of information based wordpress sites over the years. The admin can be run by  even the most technically challenge individual. It has the most plugins (addons) of any CMS and most users select WordPress by default for blogging.  The code base of WP is average at best. The most demanding programmers simply dislike the code base as its evolved over the years from a blog tool to a CMS.
  • 14 0 Million downloads
  • 40 percent of sites on the internet run WP
  • Flexible CMS but more demanding applications cause some issues within the framework.
  • Security is average at best. This is one of the most hacked CMS on the internet.
  • WordPress works excellent for basic sites with limited content
  • System can slow as plugins and content are added.


  • Joomla fits nicely right in between WordPress and Drupal. It offers the power of Drupal with the ease of use of WordPress. Joomla offers thousands of high end addons many which are not even Joomla IDXoffered in Drupal or WordPress. Joomla 3 was recently released and it has some great features. By default the CMS ships with Bootstrap which offers easy implementation of responsive designs. In addition the system can be built to do just about anything. The code base is a little confusing at first but its extremely secure and offers the user a huge amount of flexibility.
  • 30 million downloads
  • User friendly
  • Strong developer community
  • Can handle hundreds of thousands of pages with ease and had the built in features to handle some of the most demanding applications.


At the end of the day I can take any of the 3 CMS systems and out rank any website. The CMS are very similar in many ways and SEO is excellent on all 3 platforms.  There are various WordPress IDX plugins that work very well for an expensive basic IDX. Drupal IDX options are limited but again once implemented a real estate agent can do just about anything. Galtlinedesign offers one of the most flexible IDX real estate systems available in Joomla.  Excellent SEO capabilities, Joomla 3, community pages advanced mapping and the ability to customize any part of your IDX. If you are looking for a fully scalable IDX system that can go grow with your company needs then Joomla and Galtlinedesign is the perfect choice.