Custom real estate websites are becoming more popular than ever. The days of buying a template based propitiatory idx website is Joomla Real Estate IDXcoming to an end. There are many options available today and one thing is clear. Open source cms  is becoming common place in the real estate industry. Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are by far the most 3 used open source CMS systems available. Functionality can be expanded by using thousands of free and paid plugins or by partnering with a custom idx specialist.

The following is a brief summary of each cms (SEO – There are various articles on the web pertaining to which cms handles SEO the best.  As of now there is still no evidence to suggest one cms is better than another. )

Real Estate CMS 

drupal idx
  • Drupal was started by Dries Buytaert as a community board. Release date 2001
  • Drupal has 7 core versions of its software.
  • Drupal has over 8k plugins and modules
  • Drupal has over 885 Themes
  • CMS Crawler 66,718
Joomla IDX
  • Joomla was forked from Mambo in 2005 as a closed source proprietary system. It later released as an open source cms in 2002. Release date 2005
  • Joomla has 6 core versions.
  • Joomla has over 8500 plugins and modules
  • Joomla does not have a total count but there are tons of companies providing themes
  • CMS Crawler 356,142
Wordpress IDX
  • WordPress was forked from B2/cafelog and was created by Matt Mullenweg. Release date 2003
  • WordPress has 3 core versions
  • WordPress has over 14, 629 plugins and extensions
  • WordPress has over 1300 themes available.
  • CMS Crawler 412,941


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