Responsive real estate idx websites are a must in today’s smartphone market. More and more home buyers are shopping for real estate via smartphones and tablets then ever before. Responsive design allows websites to work and scale to any size device that has a browser. The advantage to having a responsive idx website is that a single code base can control an entire idx application on various devices.  This is a huge time saver when building a custom idx  as the code only has to be programmed in one area. In addition with the use of Twitter Bootstrap an agent can control which content is displayed based on the type of device. For example a desktop website can be adjusted to display a basic search on a smart phone and more complex search features on a tablet. Each agent essentially has the power and control to build their own application for each device.  All of this is done with a few simple programming commands. However don’t worry if you are not interested in operating at a technical level we can do all of the adjustments for you.  Having responsive design is important because you can keep the same consistent look across all devise with a single code base. In the end this means more traffic to your site.

Responsive IDX