Galtlinedesigns IDX is built on proven technology and features that span over a decade.  The core IDX system was built from the ground up to handle the most demanding needs of both brokers and real estate agents. Whether you are a starting agent or an investment group in search of highly customized IDX system Galtlinedesign can get it done.

The following are some of the core features :

Custom IDX solutions

  • Best Buy Alert – One of the best call to actions that we have ever created. Tag and comment on Best Buy Properties. Send them to your clients or have buyers join the best buy alert notification.
  • Featured Listings – Set your listings to display and update daily from the MLS.
  • Create profile pages for your team and display their listings.
  • Control and set alerts based on actions taken by website users.  Follow up with potential buyers and sellers within seconds of visiting your website.
  • Custom build your own search by easy back-end controls.
  • Custom build your own details and search result pages. Modify MLS Data field and add keywords to your property pages.
  • Set call to actions and verify your users phone and email address before they can register.
  • Community page builder – Build community SEO pages easily
  • Integrate Stats and like community searches
  • Control meta tags and SEF on all property pages

Contact us to learn more about our core features.