Open source projects such as Joomla and WordPress have taken the web market by storm. With outstanding security and flexibility it would be a huge mistake to start a new web project without Joomla IDXusing one of these popular CMS systems. The numerous amount of plug-ins and components for these open source systems is simply amazing.  In addition updates are offered many times a year making these systems future proof. Proprietary solutions have there place in technology but when you are providing websites to agents and brokers its important that they have a good building framework. Building on open source, Joomla & WordPress, can be one of the most important decisions that you can make when starting your online presence. Read more about our web solutions.

Why do companies offer template websites.

In the past many idx solutions built systems to use one core IDX that was than wrapped or framed into a website. These systems are referred to as template websites. In most cases the idx solution cannot be customized, and the SEO factor of the idx is null. However the cost of these sites in most cases are just a monthly fee of 29.95 per month. Setting up these sites can be achieved in under 5 minutes, and sites can be setup by the thousands. Great opportunity for the company but what about the client. Many agents are running from these websites today. They want more control and flexibility, and they want a system that can grow with them. The agents today have become incredibly knowledgeable about web sites and technology, and the template web site is on its way out.  If you are looking for a turn key solution that has the ultimate flexibility give us a call today and let us show you how to build your new online presence.