Search engine optimization (SEO) is mandatory for lead generation. What good is it to have a beautiful feature rich website if home buyers and sellers cant find it. Search engine Real Estate IDX CRMoptimization ties all of the SEO features of an IDX system together to generate hundreds if not thousands of leads per month. In addition a PPC campaign can be integrated with SEO to help generate sales immediately.

Main components of SEO

  • Community Pages – Indexable IDX – Ping Sitemaps
  • On page factors ( Blog – Community Content)
  • Off site page factors ( Link Building and

IDX lead generation is the heart and soul of an IDX system. The majority of real estate agents and brokers are looking to generate leads from their websites in order to sustain a healthy supply of home buyer and seller leads. Leads are the result of asking a users information while providing feature rich content. Call to actions are triggers that help generate clients leads.

The following are examples of call to actions:

  • Call registration after a set amount of visits of any details page
  • Call registration so user can view certain information such as price or main photos
  • Call registration when user tries to get a free market snapshot
  • Call registration if user wants to take action by saving a favorite, schedule a showing or sharing a property.

In addition qualifying the users input information is very important. This is done by cross referencing the data with local databases. Generally its a good idea to always check Phone and Email.

so what happens after the leads are generated ?

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a system for managing real estate agent leads that are generated from various sources.  A CRM gives the agent the ability to do certain tasks  such as categorize and rate each prospect, take notes, schedule meetings and setup drip marketing campaigns. There are literally hundreds of CRM systems on the market. Salesforce is a very popular CRM system that can be used for both real estate agents and brokers.  Choosing a CRM is a very personal decision as what works for one agent will not work for another. Some agents might want a full blown marketing system while others just want a simple interface to schedule meetings.  Either way Galtlinedesign can handle all of your CRM needs.

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