Many agents have asked us if the $29.95 per month sites are of any value and if a custom website is different.RETS

Choosing the right idx company can be extremely confusing, especially when there are thousands of companies offering idx services. Template websites have there place in the real estate industry and have been part of  it  for many years. They are cheap, fast to deploy and many don’t require much thought. However as many agents know template sites are a dime a dozen and they do not offer much value for the website visitor. There are two main components that a successful website must follow, Content – Features, and Marketing. SEO costs a minimum of 400 per month and a six month commitment is necessary to see meaningful results. This is a fixed cost no matter if you site is template or custom. However there is another factor that is important and that is content and bounce rate. Pay for SEO  and get the hits but watch your bounce rate hover above 50 percent on template web sites. ( Bounce Rate – the rate at which visitors exit a site after the first page visit.)  You have seconds to present value to a visitor and without the value proposition you can kiss your visitor goodbye.

Why build a Custom Website ? To present a value within seconds

By building a custom website you will have the power to add new functionality whenever you want and you will not be held hostage by companies offering a package.  Galtlinedesign offers very unique features not found in other idx systems. However the biggest advantage is the you are able to grow with technology and continue to build on your own framework. These custom systems are virtually future proof.

In addition because Galtlinedesign is built on open source, Joomla – WordPress the options are endless. There are literally thousands of free plug ins for your system.

WordPress Plug-Ins

Joomla Plug-Ins

Cant find the free desired plug-in, give us a call and within a few hours you will have it. Galtlinedesign is a supported open source solution, you do not have to walk the road alone. Your system is your own and if you want to integrate an api such as Zillow, Altos, or demographic data  it is as simple as building a custom plug in. Also it is not necessary that you know anything about Joomla or WordPress Galtlinedesign offers full training and support with your new custom website. . We like to think of ourselves more of a development company than just an idx solution. Galtlinedesign is truly the only Future Proof system available for agents and brokers.