Galtlinedesign sells its core product as a starting point. For many real estate agents and brokers the starting system or core system is all the agent or broker will ever need. For other real estate agents that sell in a niche market custom features is mandatory. Galtlinedesign’s core system is coded with cutting edge technology that allows the IDX system to work as a framework. The core system was designed from the ground up to be highly custom and virtually anything can be built into the system. The only real limitation to the system are breaking MLS rules and regulations.  If you are looking for a custom IDX look no further. Galtlinedesign has created a new work flow model that enables rapid deployment of new functionality in less time and money.

Below are a few types of projects that we custom built for our clients: Custom-IDX

  • Building custom RETS feeds for Brokers and Investors.
  • Creating portal real estate IDX systems that combine various MLS feed data.
  • Custom calculations and graphs for analytic purposes.
  • Custom bridge-ware to combine various in house procedures including variable data print marketing and call centers.
  • Custom back-end data crunching and mining for bank sell-offs and rental investing

Galtlinedesign has taken on some incredibly challenging projects over the years which have honed our skills to provide custom systems in a timely matter. If you are interested in building a custom IDX please contact us today.