Most MLS ‘s provide IDX data that can be displayed on an agent or broker website. Galtlinedesign offers a unique feature that enables agents to control the MLS data that is shown on various parts of the IDX. This can be a huge advantage over other real estate websites as keywords and custom data can be customized on the details and search results pages of the agents site.  One of the problems with indexing property pages is Google and other search engines see them as being too similar. By controlling the data and adding specific keywords agents can set themselves apart form the competition by making their details pages unique. This is a key component to sending indexable idx listings to the top of search engines.

Custom control MLS data on the following: Data-IDX

  • Details IDX property pages
  • IDX search results
  • Mapping and info box templates
  • Print templates
  • Share listing, Add Favorite, Schedule Listing and all email alert triggers